Get creative with pals

Embark on a month-long writing journey with your pals, and together, navigate through the worlds of prose, short stories, and thoughtful pieces. Support each other to the very end, and you could be packing for a memorable trip or win cash prizes worth over $5,000 together!

Registration closed

Registration closed on November 15th. You're welcome to become a member on t2 and stay in the loop for the next cohort, details coming soon!

Who & Why

t2 (time², or t²) is a social writing experience for the modern digital age of publishing. We’re introducing new ways for writers and readers to interact, fostering community discussions on niche subjects.
Our mission is to help people spend time on more meaningful interactions.

Two of our teammates, Wanshu & Sammi, are here to help everyone completing this challenge.


Head of Growth @

Writing about family recipes.

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Writing an extended family biography

Teams Spotlights

Hurricane Sisters

Hannah, Dani & Luthien

Meet the Hurricane Sisters! Their friendship isn't just a chance encounter; it feels like destiny. Inspired by Lord Huron's lyrics, they understand the ups and downs of a writer's life. Together, they share a deep bond called sisterhood, one that goes beyond just being friends. And while the world can be overwhelming, they find comfort and understanding in each other. As for their writing? Expect a mix of everything - from fantasy tales to heartfelt stories. Each member brings her own style, making their combined work diverse and exciting. Simply put, they celebrate their differences and it’s what makes their friendship so special.

Le Sbarbine

Lety & Sara

Meet Team Le Sabrine. United in an Italian town during the chaos of 2020, their shared love for literature led to wine-filled Wednesdays and seaside writing retreats. Their team name, inspired by the song "Le Sbarbine," encapsulates the essence of youthful audacity and the eagerness to re-experience life. While Lety aims to weave tales about her complex relationship with her hometown and her journey of personal rediscovery, Sara's narrative themes are eagerly anticipated. Together, they bring an intoxicating blend of nostalgia and exploration to the table.

The Frog Pond

Gemma & Lidia

Introducing Team The Frog Pond 🐸! Old friends united by their passion for writing, they've embraced this contest as a chance to rejuvenate their dedication to writing. The serenity of a summer evening—replete with dragonflies, a gentle breeze, and a symphony of frogs—inspired their enchanting team name, which also hints at good fortune and the transformative power of writing. Venturing into the realm of fiction, they are particularly captivated by the allure of magical realism and the enchantment lurking in everyday life. As they dive into this contest, they're wishing not just themselves, but every participant, a touch of that froggy luck!

The Milliners

Clinamenic, Coffee-crusher & Morereese

Clinamenic, morereese, and Coffee-Crusher form a trio that's deeply embedded in the web3 universe. While Clinamenic and morereese's friendship began in the PubDAO discord server, it was the shared passion for Hats Protocol that brought Coffee-Crusher into the fold. Their chosen team name, 'The Milliners', pays homage to the age-old hat-makers, a playful nod to their collective association with the Hats Protocol. With a rich blend of experiences and insights, they're geared up to touch upon a variety of topics, with a special emphasis on demystifying aspects of the Hats Protocol and other DAO-building instruments.


Richard & Bruno

Formed during their exploration of crypto, Team Decent is a dynamic duo that found common ground in a shared vision for blockchain's potential beyond mere virtual casinos. This bond led to the creation of 'Decent Partners', a beacon on the avant-garde Kabocha blockchain promoting equity and creative rights. Their name embodies commendable quality, decentralization, and fairness, reminiscent of 'Wired' for the Web3 world. During Friends Who Write, Richard wants to telling stories at the intersection of media, culture and tech, and Bruno would like to harp on about decentralization and web3 ideals.

Web3 Writer’s Union

CD Damito, T. Dylan Daniel, Cryptoversal, Oddwritings, Edward H. Carpenter & Rionna Morgan

The Web3 Writer's Union, the largest team in the Friends Who Write contest, is a vibrant collective bound by a passion for the intersection of blockchain and literature. Forged in the fires of Web3 initiatives like PageDao and the Web3 Writing Hour, their unity is as much about shared digital spaces as it is about writing. Their name, Web3 Writer's Union, reflects their origins and their bond. Their writing plans are as diverse as their backgrounds, ranging from Dylan’s scientific discourse to CD’s novel from a novel perspective, Cryptoversal’s impromptu writing, OddWritings’ poetic designs on t2, Rionna’s suspenseful narratives, and Edward’s philosophical musings. Each writer brings a unique voice to the Union’s collective narrative in Web3.

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