The Future

Reading pays
you back.

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t² = your time × my time

We are building a transparent, decentralized, and collaborative social network around reading and writing.

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The Future

Together, we can
shape the future
of social.

Read Manifesto

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Our mission

Readers power

Writers inspire

Communities curate

the world.

t2 breaks the boundary between readers and writers and builds up subculture communities. Together, we can socialize, collaborate, and nurture what we value.

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The Future

tech for timeless

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Deep Reading
is passive contribution.

t2's Proof-of-Attention captures reading activities on-chain and uses the data as a signal to build up user identity and curate better content for the network.

Web3 Identity
nurtured by attention.

t2 builds dynamic digital identities and puts data sovereignty in the hands of users. Nurtured by attention and constantly evolving, t2 keeps track of our expanding knowledge and social graphs, representing our best digital selves.

Content Curation
by people, not algorithms.

t2 facilitates content curation with simple voting schemes and an engagement-based reputation system to replace profit-driven algorithms.

creator economy.

Without readers, writers, and curators all together, there is no economy. t2 recognizes contribution from stakeholders in a holistic view through a community lens, to facilitate collaboration, align incentives, and create relevance.


The Future


of Social

Join us in product testing today and let's shape the future of social together.

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The network is built for avid readers and writers like you and will eventually be owned by you. Join our product testing and let us know how to empower you further.